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International Dating in China

Link: www.ChnLove.com

Rating: 3

ChnLove.com review 2018:

ChnLove.com is a very special kind of dating site. It is aimed at singles who are interested in dating that is focused on China and Chinese women and people in Australia who want to date them. As a result, there are two sides to the stories here. The dating site also claims to create a safe environment for everyone who is using it. It originally began in 1998 and is still going strong, with a high level of popular demand. Around 4,000 Asian ladies appear to be on at any one time, though this number obviously fluctuates.

It is important to remember that ChnLove is for singles who are focusing on dating in China. For anyone who is bored of the local dating scene, this can end up giving you a nice change. There are, however, other options when it comes to Asian dating.

Chnlove.com Australia: How It Works

ChnLove, as a dating site, is quite unusual and can sometimes operate a little bit more like a matchmaking site or overseas dating agency for Australia than anything else. Women who sign in to Chnlove need to do so through agencies in China and...

...ChnLove.com the ladies who come to them.

Since these ladies are closely screened, singles on the other side will know that they are not wasting their time.

Members who login to ChnLove.com from outside China are usually men. These Male members can look through the different profiles of female members and choose someone they like. This may seem like an unusual form of dating site, but it is quite easy to get used to.

ChnLove Features

ChnLove thankfully offers a wide range of features for its users. Forms of communication include instant messaging, EMF mail and even a Love Call. In all forms of communication, a translator can be present depending on the level of English that the lady has. Love calls will involve receiving a Call ID and then calling the lady. When you receive the Call ID, it is valid for thirty minutes. Once you have called, you may speak for as long as you like.

While it is possible to send virtual gifts to flirt and show your interest, there is also a section on the site that offers you the ability to send real gifts. You can have a look through the online store and see what you can get the lady you’re interested in.

Messaging and calling are not the only things you can do. It is also possible to view videos that the ladies have posted. Often, these ladies will be given guidance by their agencies so if you do have any questions or are unsure, you can contact ChnLove and they can clear up any misunderstandings. If you want to meet someone in the flesh, simply fill out a Date Request and invite your favorite lady. If she does not turn up, you will be given a refund.

ChnLove Payment

Unlike many dating sites today, ChnLove operates in a different way regarding payment. Instead of paying a flat monthly fee, you will be paying through the use of credits. You can buy credits in large bundles, and every message and call you use will cost a certain amount.

If you want to meet one of the ladies from ChnLove, you will have to pay to organize a date. This costs $139.00 and you have to fill out a form inviting the lady to a date.

ChnLove.com - Costs:

  • You can sign up and search for free.
  • Credits begin at US$3.99/credit.
  • "Date a Lady" administrative fee: US$139.00.