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Grindr App

Grindr App

Find gay, bi, curious guys for free near you

Link: www.grindr.com

Rating: 3

Grindr App review 2018:

One of the biggest dating apps for gay guys, Grindr.com began in 2009 and has now spread to over 192 countries across the globe. With this is can boast over 4,500,000 users who use this location-based dating service every day, whether it be for finding a date, hookup or just looking to chat.

Grindr.com App: Gay Mobile Dating

Grindr.com only works as an app on mobile devices. Users can access it services through the use of iPhone, Android, etc. Compatible systems for it include iPhones and Android phones.  After you login, you go on to create a short profile which incudes a name and then fill out basic information with an included photo. Classic Grindr often includes a shirtless pic as well…

This app is great for a chat or a hookup, but those looking for a little more than that may be  happier with Gay-Parship.

Dating Download: What Grindr Offers Gay Men

Once you download Grindr, you’ll be given a dozen or so user profiles. From then on, you’re free to zip through the profiles and see if there’s anything you like before writing a message. Profiles also have an icon to show who's online at the moment. Contacts can naturally be a bit superficial and there is a constant tendency for users to send messages like, “Wow, sexy…” with very little else… (apart from the dreaded dick pic!)

Grindr: Australia and the World

While Grindr is available in Australia, it is not limited to here. The app is available in worldwide and therefore can be accessed from a number of different locations. The app is also completely free, although there is an upgraded version of it  that you can use which come with extra features.

Grindr Xtra and Prices

Grindr Xtra and Grindr are actually two separate apps, with Xtra being the expanded version. With the expanded version you can see 300 guys at a time (instead of 100), save more favourites and receive messages even you’re offline.

Grindr App - Costs:

  • You can download Grindr and message users for free.
  • Premium use of Grindr Xtra starts from US$3.00/month.