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A few words about us!

It's November 2023 and we are looking back at the past busy years: Our initial “beer idea” had become Europe's leading information site for online dating and has lately expanded to English speaking countries like the USA, UK and Australia.

Some numbers confirming our success:

  • Our 17 international dating review websites have been accessed more than 50 million times.
  • We helped more than 4 million singles to find the way to the dating site of their choice.
  • By now we have responded to far more than 10,000 emails from singles at no charge.
  • Our sites have been recommended more than 1,000 times in the media.

1. Why does "DatingSitesAustralia.com" exist?

Let’s be honest:

Which average, sexually mature Aussie likes to be alone?!

Statistics, however, speak another language because - only in Australia - there are (watch out!) about 5 million singles. Circles of friends constantly change and more than 8 million Aussies occasionally count as singles and are for this reason more or less actively looking for their perfect match.

Even those who are trying to avoid serious relationship in order to indulge in their sacred independence, need a friendly counterpart for various activities in togetherness from time to time. In addition to that, there are quite a number of people in relationships looking for erotic adventures as well as couples hoping to find like-minded people for sexual experiences.

Only a few years ago, you still met those “seekers” on parties, in night clubs and bars - or you read the personals of back then annually 80,000 brave men and women in the newspaper. Fortunately, a further possibility to meet someone has appeared:
The Internet allows you to communicate to one’s heart’s content with like-minded people all over Australia. More than 10 million Aussies have registered in online dating sites since the turn of the millennium and over 3 million each month are active users (last updated January 2013).

The same is true for our immediate surroundings: acquaintances, friends, relatives... many have tried some kind of dating website and many of them were confronted with problems during their online partner search.

  • A great number of them were helplessly wandering around in the internet jungle overwhelmed by the multitude of possibilities: personals, blind date, dating agency, single travel, SMS-flirt, video chat - and hundreds of providers for each.
  • Some had registered with one or more dating websites but were quickly disappointed: technical defects, lots of fakes, mean diallers or the dissemination of personal data to third parties tempered their delight.
  • An extremely frequent complaint concerned the membership fees: “At first it said membership was free of charge. Half an hour I filled in questionnaires and was eager to start right away. But I couldn’t because sending flirt text messages required premium membership for scads of money.”

And many more questions were raised: “How do I write catching personals? Is it important to add a picture? How strict should I be with my search criteria? And how do I socialise effectively?

At one point it all went too far and, while having a beer together, we came up with the idea of creating a website that would assist singles on the internet with comprehensive and professional information.

In the autumn of 2002 we started out with an intensive research in the jungle of German dating websites. We were confronted with an unmanageable number of around 1,800 German speaking dating websites: professional ones, amateurish ones, reliable ones, screwing ones, technically flawless ones, absolute faulty ones, some with large numbers of membership, others with low numbers of visitors etc. In February 2005 the number of dating websites had already risen to 2,500 (since then we haven’t counted anymore)... We started to arrange tests, became acquainted with the topic and discovered an industry that is enormously booming but hasn’t really been examined yet.


2. Our mission

We from DatingSitesAustralia.com perceive ourselves as independent and objective observer of the dating market. We test providers with respect to their quality, efficiency and integrity, in other words, their price/performance ratio.

Our aim is not only to clear the daily growing dating market for you but also to provide practice-oriented tips about how to maximise your success with online dating. Most of all we want to protect singles from losing lots of money and time with fraudsters of the single community.

Our offer of information is divided up into three areas:


a) Classification in categories and testing of dating sites:
  • What dating possibilities does the internet offer? What is the difference between personals sites, dating agencies, etc.? Which kind best meets my needs?
  • With what providers can I register in good conscience? What does each provider offer? What are their strengths and weaknesses? How is their price/performance ratio?


b) Tips for online dating:
      • How do I socialise successfully on dating websites?
      • What do I have to keep in mind when creating personals, search profiles etc.?
      • What tricks are there when dealing with specific providers? How can I optimise my chances?
        Go to online dating tips for singles!


c) Online dating background information:
      • Exclusive interviews with makers and experts
      • News from the world of dating sites
      • Online dating blog for insiders of the sector


Especially when comparing providers, our rule number one is fairness and independence. We put lots of time and effort into our tests in order to be able to recommend you the ideal dating website. Our hobby has turned into hard work lately but we have also had lots of incredibly funny moments during our research (we ourselves are members of all the dating websites tested). Just think of all the blind dates we have had ;)


3. We need your feedback!

Nevertheless: We can only accomplish our mission with your testimonials. This is the only way to back up our reports and give them meaning.

So: Compliment and criticise us wherever you can! You can find different possibilities to get in touch with us on our contact page.


We hope you'll enjoy our site and much success in finding a partner!