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AdultMatchmaker.com.au Affair

AdultMatchmaker.com.au Affair

Australia's Largest Online Dating Site

Link: www.adultmatchmaker.com.au

Rating: 3,5

AdultMatchmaker.com.au Affair review 2018:

Known as one of Australia's biggest dating sites with 25,000,000 members, AdultMatchmaker.com.au offers a wide range of services for singles who are looking for sex, fun and friendship. Those seeking affair dating will also be able to get their bit on the side here. Since 2005, AMM has been offering a varied host of delights for all singles!

AdultMatchmaker is the biggest regional player for affair dating in Australia!

Login: What You Can Expect at AdultMatchmaker

After the login, we took a bit of time to explore the AdultMatchmaker site. We saw the it was populated by a wide variety of people: after all, this adult dating site is also aimed at gay, lesbian and transgender people. You can also build you profile, so make sure to put a good bit of effort into it.

By all means tick the boxes when it comes to describing your character (height, weight, what you prefer, etc.), but don't forget to write something in the box as well. This will give other users a better impression of your character and lead more communication.

AdultMatchmaker in Australia

What's specifically unique is that Adultmatchmaker.com.au is very much an affair and adult dating site for Australia. Naturally, we found a larger density and number of members in places like Sydney and Perth. There's very little worry about running into users based overseas which means you can focus on finding someone in your area! Furthermore, this helps with the events and parties that are hosted here.

Profile AdultMatchmaker
The AdultMatchmaker Profile Layout

AdultMatchmaker can also make travelling around Australia a lot of fun: you can flirt with people online and meet up with them further afield. Being a homegrown dating site, it seemed to us that the operators were well aware of what it was specifically that turned Australians on!

Promotional Codes on AdultMatchmaker.com.au

AdultMatchmaker.com.au does offer promotional codes now and then, like a lot of businesses. If you wish to avail of one, you can always take a look at the site and see what it offers. Keep in mind: There are a lot of sites that offer fake promo codes. Make sure to read the small print and look for any inconsistencies before you decide to sign up!

AMM does offer its own discounts from time to time, but you'll have to watch the site in order to find out. Often these will be available to exisitng members as well, so it can't hurt to make a quick profile!

AdultMatchmaker: The Search Function

What is also impressive about AdultMatchmaker is it's search function, which we found to be especially detailed. Apart from the usual business of being able to search via physical characteristics, you are also given a rather accurate and realistic view of who is nearby. Focusing not just on affairs but also on swingers, users can search for couples if they so desire. You can also save your search settings so that you don't have to type everything in the whole time. Not bad!

Another thing you can do is see who is online at the moment. The website shows you exactly how many men and how many women may be on at a specific time, as well as in the chat rooms. It simply means less time wasted and gives you more opportunity to start flirting at the most opportune moments!

AdultMatchmaker: Other Features

At AdultMatchmaker, events are often posted through the likes of "Community Notices". These Notices often tell interested members what will be happening this week, this month or in the future. And there are a lot of events and parties happening: you don't just have to rely on messaging and speaking to AMM members. Of course, if you wish, there are...

  • ...webcam chat room options add an extra dimension to the site. If you don't feel up to it, you can still head online and get to know other members.
  • Various communities for (gays, lesbians, blonds, swingers etc.).
  • Membership Verification: This is probably one of the most important things, especially for female members. Members on AdultMatchmaker "verify" one another. This helps to add an extra dimension of safety. This is done through the submission of official ID documents (passport, driver's license, etc.).
  • Events take many different forms: swinger parties, general meet ups and even cruises.

Upgrade at AdultMatchmaker

There are different types of upgrade account at AdultMatchmaker, depending on what you want. Silver Membership affords features such as unlimited chatroom access. Gold Members can post things like Community Notices and Platinum Members do things like send unlimited chat requests.

AdultMatchmaker.com.au Affair - Costs:

  • You can create a trial membership at AdultMatchmaker for free.
  • If you wish to communicate and take part in events, subscription starts at $12.91/month.