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By now we have collected quite some background information about this field and are able to provide you with the latest information on different groups of themes. And: compared with the providers of online dating sites, we don’t see things through rose-tinted glasses.

End of year review: Where did the Australians love to visit on the internet in 2018?

End of year review: Where did the Australians love to visit on the internet in 2018?Following long-standing tests of dating sites, the comparison portal datingsitesaustralia.com wanted to find out in which regions they are generally popular. With the aid of Google Trends and a 12 month time period, several portals were surveyed and the most popular have been compiled for you in the form of various graphics.

» End of year review: Where did the Australians love to visit on the internet in 2018?

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- Published on December 2018
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The Online Dating Market in Australia 2014-2015

The Online Dating Market in Australia 2014-2015Online Dating studies are quite rare. As such, our aim is to become pioneers in this area with regards to the research and the presentation of key facts and figures, bringing you a more accurate view of the Australian online dating market:

» The Online Dating Market in Australia 2014-2015

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- Published on October 2015
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Investigation 2016: The Security Risks of Dating Apps

What rights do the 13 most popular Android dating apps take from you during the installation process? What parts of your smartphone (contact, photos, location) do they have access to?

» Investigation: The Security Risks of Dating Apps 2016
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Survey: Blind Date Behaviour

risky blind dates survey Transnational studies on Online Dating are almost non-existent. Therefore, we have set the   goal for ourselves to be the pioneers in this regard researching and presenting the key facts and figures to you on the European online dating market:

» Survey: Reckless Single Women in Australia, USA & Europe

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- Published on October 2014
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The Online Dating Market in Europe 2012:

Online Dating Market in Europe 2012Transnational studies on Online Dating are almost non-existent. Therefore, we have set the goal for ourselves to be the pioneers in this regard researching and presenting the key facts and figures to you on the European online dating market:

» The Online Dating Market in Europe 2012

- Free PDF document
- Published on November 2012
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Ask our expert for all matters relating to online dating:

Dating UK specialistOur specialist for Australia: Henning Wiechers

Henning and his team have spent over 100 hours testing the best dating sites. There are no questions we can not answer. If in doubt, please contact Henning or his team. We will gladly answer your questions.

Contact us: [email protected]

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On datingadvice.com - Sept. 06 2017

DatingSitesAustralia.com: Australia’s Most Prominent Resource for Online Daters Seeking Information on Dating Sites, Apps & Personals

The Short Version: DatingSitesAustralia.com is the Australian dater’s go-to guide to dating websites big and small. An experienced and international team of writers dedicate themselves to testing the features and functionality of niche sites so they can describe the pricing structure, matching features, and other important stats for online daters. By browsing this detail-oriented resource, you can compare the pros and cons of the most popular dating websites and choose the one that best fits your dating style. The independent recommendations on the reviews site have helped over 4 million users in 17 countries from the US to the UK and Australia. Next time you have a question about how a popular or niche Australian dating site works, you can turn to DatingSitesAustralia.com for the answers you need.


DatingSitesReviews employs an international team of passionate, creative, and quirky individuals. The diverse team tests dating websites, translates reviews, and works together to build a massive resource for online daters around the world. In total, the company runs 17 reviews sites for online daters in Australia and abroad.


According to DatingSitesAustralia.com’s About page, “Our number one rule is fairness and independence. We put lots of time and effort into our tests in order to be able to recommend you the ideal dating [site].”


On thedailybeast.com - Feb. 14 2013

Why Online Dating Is Struggling to Go Global

bad news for proprietors of online dating, especially American and British online-dating companies that have struggled to appeal to international consumers.


These companies were sometimes felled by practical idiosyncrasies. For example, Henning Wiechers, from Leading Dating Sites, said many American online dating companies initially offered credit cards as the sole payment method in Europe, not knowing that only 25 percent of Germans own them.


On guardian.co.uk - Feb. 3 2013

Online daters to win protection from cheats and frauds in crackdown

In spite of fraud, the industry thrives. In 2011, British dating sites made £169m from 6.2 million people logging on every month


Henning Wiechers, chief executive of Metaflake, which reviews some of the 1,500 dating sites available in Britain, said online dating agencies were also motivated by fear of having their business taken by Facebook and Microsoft, which is said to be interested in entering the market.


Voice of Russia (VoR) - Dec. 25 2012

Voice of Russia logo

Interview/debate with Henning Wiechers from DatingSitesAustralia.com and other experts:

Online dating: are Brits worse at flirting than other Europeans?

» MP3 of the interview (28 min)

On Talk Radio Europe - Dec. 07 2012

Talk Radio Europe logo

Interview with Henning Wiechers from DatingSitesAustralia.com as expert:

Does online dating work for the 50plus?

» MP3 of the interview (16 min - 11,3 MB)

Our Press Releases:

Toxic Online Dating Trends in Australia 2018
An online survey by datingsitesaustralia.com

Melbourne 6.3.2018 - As independent market observers for online dating www.datingsitesaustralia.com analyzed media of the last 20 years to take a closer look at the development of the terminology used to describe the topic of online dating. It became apparent, that the year 2016 had brought along many new terms giving new dating phenomena a name. This rather new terminology is to be presented to a broader audience.

When defining some of the terms, a certain trend was noticeable. Not only technology has developed, but also the way users, especially those with malicious intent, utilize online dating websites. Back in 2000 the term romance scammer was used quite frequently. As the years passed new terms came and amounted to an astoundingly large number of notions describing mostly negative dating phenomena.

A study was conducted by “Plenty of Fish” in 2016 to evaluate the behavioral traits of the so called “millennial” generation. This generation, mostly born between 1980 and 2000 has a reputation of avoiding long term commitment. No less than 80% of the surveyed had been “ghosted” before, which converges with the evaluation of datingsitesaustralia.com.

Learn more about the terminology in this in-depth guide:


Australian Online Dating 2015: Cash with "Smartphone Singles"
Aussies have the second highest per capita spending worldwide

SYDNEY, 14.10.2015 – The annual turnover of the Australian dating industry currently stands at a whopping 112 million AUD. Providers of online dating services in this country can create a considerable hype about the “Smartphone Generation” for the first time. With a per capita revenue of 5.5 AUD, Australia follows close behind the world market leader, the USA. These, along with the impact and consequences of the AshleyMadison hack on the infidelities of Australians, are also covered in the current market study from DatingSitesReview.com.au.

A steady boom dominates the Australian dating industry, with the market continuing to gain diversity and complexity. The lion's share in terms of sales is around 34 % of the adult dating division. When it comes to the number of users, however, the social dating providers come out on top.

Smartphone Users are Put Off Paying

In 2014 and 2015, dating site providers have, both technically and with a view to sales strategies, taken advantage of the growing number of smartphone users who are looking for a partner on the Internet. The users‘ willingness to pay is, however, considerably lower as that of PC users. Nevertheless, the operators have done a good job of gaining the profits through the use of in-app purchases.

Cheating in Spite of Data Theft

AdultFriendFinder (a sex contact site) and AshleyMadison (for affair seekers) were victims of hacking in the summer. Although the data of millions of members was circulated on the worldwide public Internet, the majority of users continued their search for an affair unfettered: the number of new registrations in August was in fact even higher than before the data theft. Liam Hennessy of DatingSitesAustralia.com states: “The AshleyMadison hack has indeed made the headlines, but this hasn’t forced faithfulness on Australian users.”

The complete market report for download:


Test report: How dangerous is Tinder Stalking?
How to set your dating app risk to zero

SYDNEY, 22.04.2015 – Dating apps like Tinder are not only a highly frequented address for the quick flirt, but they also offer a welcoming platform for stalkers and snoopers. Instructions on how to get someone’s private information are currently circulating on the Internet. The experts from Dating Sites Reviews have tested 100 Tinder profiles to see how high the stalking risk on dating apps really is, and to effectively protect one from them.

No danger despite alarming individual cases: Of the 50 men and women profiles which were examined in the test for their strength of privacy, no stalking was possible using a dating app in 60 percent of the cases. The pursuit ended at the Google image search. However, in a particularly extreme case, the testers could have surprised a Tinder user directly at their workplace.

Tinder stalking is when someone can identify the full name of a stalking victim on Facebook, or, in the worst case, directly in the private life by using Google image search just with a picture from a dating app and a first name.

Although there are quite a few examples of stalking which are known, there is not a reason to panic: “If you stick to just a few basic rules, you can set your personal Tinder app risk to 0”, says Henning Wiechers of datingsitesaustralia.com.

A rule for protecting oneself against Tinder stalking is: Never use the same profile picture for multiple social platforms! If someone uses the same picture for dating on Tinder, and also on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or other open profiles, they run the risk that this becomes the connecting piece of information for stalkers.

The 3 best anti-stalking tips from the complete test:


Reckless Single Women
Every third blind date takes place at home

SYDNEY, 21.10.2014 – Singles who are looking for a partner online are frighteningly willing to take risks, especially women. In an international survey of approximately 14,500 online daters in Australia, USA and Europe, close to 30% of all men and women said that they had already met up with someone who they met on the Internet in a non-public place. The majority of the women surveyed have even organized a blind date with someone they met in their own home.

Experts on online dating warn: Choose a public location for your first date! However, this rule isn’t being taken seriously especially by single women. A woman from New Zeeland showed just how dangerous it is to meet up with an acquaintance in their home. She met with her Tinder Date in his apartment and died there under tragic circumstances.

For such reasons, there are many organized blind date parties available for singles, which allow for the first date with an Internet acquaintance in a safe environment. Even more surprising are the survey results found by datingsitesaustralia.com: Almost a third of (29,8%) Australian singles, including the majority of women, met their blind date partner in seclusion.

“For many singles, a sense of security is established if nothing has happened so far,” says Henning Wiechers of datingsitesaustralia.com. “At the least, one should arrange that a friend texts you to minimize the risk, especially women.”