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Looking for a friend or a date?

Link: www.mingle2.com

Rating: 2

Mingle2.com review 2018:

Mingle2.com is a pretty large, free online dating and personals site with a focus on social dating. Having begun in 2007, this dating site caters to a wide range of different people and is available internationally.

In Australia, there appear to be around 22,000 users according to the search feature.

Mingle2 in Australia

Mingle2 is one of the many free online dating sites in Australia. Aimed not only at the heterosexual dating community but also at LGBT and gay users, it offers an air of inclusiveness. The downside is that it does come off as rather tacky due to its layout. Being a free site, Mingle2 also tends to have a disproportionate amount of advertisements which can get annoying.

Login to Mingle2

Sign up and login at Mingle2.com takes literally 30 seconds. When we did it, however, it took a while for the confirmation email to come which was a little annoying. It would therefore be advised to get your profile as complete as possible before you start browsing!

One thing to remember before you continue: Be careful of ads! The site is unfortunately riddled with them.

Dating on the Go with Mingle2.com Apps

Mingle2  has native apps for both iOS and Android systems. If you don't want to download an app, then you can also switch to the mobile version. If you are going to use it on your phone, though, we would probably recommend the app.

Mingle2 Search Feature and More

Mingle2 offers a very basic search feature which allows you to look for singles within your own country and abroad. What we found nice was that you could adjust it to include distance. Another odd quirk we found: you can change your gender on the site when looking for other profiles. Switch to man-seeking-man, woman-seeking-woman as much as you'd like. Mingle2, of course, does have an element of social networking to it as well.

The Community message boards on Mingle2 are also worth taking a look at. We found a pretty large range of topics being discussed and, as of the writing of our report, were still pretty active. If you're looking for a reason to chat to someone, head over to the forums!

The Mingle2 Mutual Match

The Mutual Match on Mingle2.com is a very basic matching system. You're presented with random profile suggestions and choose either Yes, No or Maybe. Clicking Yes indicates to the other person that you're interested, so essentially a mutual match is two people stating that they like each other. Bear in mind that Mingle2's is incredibly basic, so you can still message other members regardless of whether you matched or not. If someone does bother you, however, don't be afraid to block them.

Mingle2.com Upgrade

You can upgrade your Mingle2 account if you want in order to avail of extra features. These include increased profile views due to high rankings in the search results, being able to see if someone read your message and seeing who likes you on Mutual Match. Upgrades also allow you to browse other members invisibly.

Mingle2.com - Costs:

  • Basic membership, including messaging and interacting in the community, is free.
  • If you like, you can geta an upgrade which starts from $5.95/month.