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Badoo App

Badoo App

Meet new people right now

Link: www.badoo.com

Rating: 4

Badoo App review 2018:

Acting a social dating and networking site as well as a mobile app, Badoo is another decent place to meet other like-minded singles in Australia. The platform is also truly international as it is hosted in a variety of different languages. People here are looking for the loves of their lives, casual dates and simply making new friends.

At present, well over 250,000,000 users worldwide have signed up. This makes for a very diverse demographc and a high chance of finding someone you'll get along with!

Time to Login: Who Uses Badoo?

Badoo's mobile dating app itself is quite flexible in that you can use it on almost any device. Users can also make an account for themselves or simply login using their Facebook. If it happens that the app doesn't work, you can also use the mobile version of their site instead. There is of course also one important thing to keep in mind: you cannot communicate if you don't have a profile picture!

Extra Features on Badoo

Basic use of the app is free, although users can upgrade if they want in order to enjoy greater benefits. This includes making your profile more visible and finding more interesting people in the Badoo search. Premum members can also view other profiles secretly, so you can admire someone for as long as you want without them knowing!

Badoo App - Costs:

  • There's no cost for downloading, creating a profile and using Badoo's basic functions.
  • Full-service subscriptions begin at US$2.99/month.