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Date: 16. March 2017

Tinder and Its Anthems:
Singles are Finding More Matches Thanks to Spotify

Thanks to music (or more specifically, Spotify) singles on Tinder are now finding more matches thanks to a mutual love of specific artists and genres. According to data from the dating app, singles who connected their profile to Spotify are receiving over 80% more matches.

Spotify and Tinder decided to team up in September – releasing a feature known as “Anthems”. It allows users to link their accounts on the music streaming service to those on the dating app. As a result, their favourite songs are then played on their profiles. In essence, Anthem typically gives users the opportunity to either swipe left or right on a profile -based on the kind of music a potential date enjoys.

Tinder Anthems: So who are the favourites?

New data from Tinder reveals that there are more singles who swipe right when it comes to the music that their potential matches enjoy. But what artists are actually being swiped on? Drake and The Weeknd appear to be the most well-liked when it comes to Tinder Anthems! The Chainsmokers, Migos and Alessia Cara are also among favourite artists.

Overall the stats make for a rather interesting swiping experience… and apparently it seems that Tinder has upped its game somewhat! Of course, musical preferences are not the only things that can bring people together (especially in the realm of romance) but it does seem to be a good start.

Source: TechTimes.com

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