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Date: 28. July 2017

OKCupid Gets Rid of the Visitors’ Tab
Dating Site Revamps Its Paid Version

OKCupid has just decided to give itself a bit of a revamp. Starting from this month, users of the site cannot see a “visitors” tab anymore. OKCupid, which is run by Match.com, believe that there is nothing to be gained from being able to see who has visited your page.

The “visitors” tab on OKCupid is no more… Singles who use the online dating site will no longer see who have viewed their page. The dating site, which is owned by Match.com, believe that visitors have no value. According to them, someone who looks at your page but can’t follow up with a message or a like isn’t worth getting to know.

A Different Kind of Dating Site

Before delving into the visitors story, it’s good to know how OKCupid works. This is unlike Tinder and other dating apps which are based on location. Matches are made accordanceto the answers given by users in long questionnaires. These questionnaires cover topics such as sex, politics, dating, religion and ethics. “Match scores” are then given. For example, you could be a 50%, 70% or 94% match with someone. This prompts people to visit a page, give a “like” and even send a message.

The A-List Feature

In 2009, OKCupid introduced its “A-List” feature. The A-List feature automatically notified people whether someone clicked on their page. Even if you hadn’t liked them back (mutual matches could see one another). Singles who didn’t pay for the A-List feature couldn’t see which profile had liked their page.

There was also a “free” visitors tab, where everyone could see who visited their page (unless you were a paid user who used “incognito” mode).

The visitors tab is available for “free” users. The only difference here is that

Source: arstechnica.com

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