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Date: 20. January 2018

Lovepoint wants to know: Fancy sex like in game of thrones?

Fans of the show not only appreciate the story about the clans and approaching winter and the danger – also the erotic scenes are often enough reasons for discussions online. Lovepoint conducted a survey to what degree the sexual fantasies of the portrayed characters comply with those of real people.

We remember Goldy and Sam becoming close and even the passion between Jon snow and Ygritte made fans sigh contently. Lovepoint questioned 1209 members “How do you enjoy having sex?” with the background being the favorite scenes from “GoT”.

Sensual like Sam and Goldy

This couple only found each other at a slow pace. So, the sensual and loving first night came as no surprise. This scene is one of the calmest and most loving in the entire series. But is soft sex well recieved by the masses in their everyday life? Survey says… YES! 64% of questioned men enjoy sex with a lot of kissing and caressing involved. Only 42% of women preferred this suggestion.

Cersei and Jamie Lannister – Wild and passionate

In the study, the face these to protagonists are siblings was to be neglected. Both of them enjoy their sex to be a tad rougher. Especially in the books, their “private time” is described quite impressively.
And 60% of the men, and 53% of women seem to fancy the rougher, the Lannister way.

Ramsay Bolton and Myranda – The animal within

Oh Ramsay Bolton. One of the least likeable and also most violent characters in “Game of Thrones”. sadistic games and torture paired with insane cruelty – how many of the surveyed would enjoy having sex this way?

94% of men and 99% of women do not feel excitement in their respective reproductive organs.

Daenerys Targaryen – sexual diversity

As she was introduced to us she was the innocent country girl. Up until the 6th season she lives through the most significant sexual development of all of the characters. Vulnerable and reserved at first, almost confused about the feelings she is experiencing.

But the more she grows into her deserved role of ruler of Westeros, the braver she becomes when it comes to picking her bedside companions. Her sex-life is adaptable and diverse: sometimes she is devout, then dominant, calm and sweet or even passionate.

58% of men and 54% of women are into the diverse ways of Daenerys Targaryen, easily one of the most liked characters of the story.

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