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How to pimp your dating profile

How to Pimp Your Dating Profile
Improve Your Online Dating Profile

A well written, honest and personal online dating profile is always the key to success! You don’t have to have the best profile out there, or even follow all of the examples, but whether you are a woman or a man, you want to ensure that you leave a good impression. We have therefor decided to provide you with a few tips to help pimp your online dating profile!

There are lots of things to think about when creating your online dating profile. First of all, know what you are looking for! There are endless possibilities when it comes to dating sites and apps: matchmaking sites for those seeking long-term relationships, online dating personals for just meeting new people and adult dating sites for casual sex. There are also multiple niche dating sites: based on religion, ethnicity and even interests. So, the more specific you are, the better your chances of finding someone will be!

How to Create Your Dating Profile

So, you’ve chosen the dating site or app that you want. Now you need to create your personal dating profile. This is not something that you should rush - a well written, honest and personal profile is the key to success! It doesn’t matter what dating site you’ve chosen, there are literally thousands (if not millions) of “competitors” on each site. It is therefore important to stand out. Getting lost in the shuffle can happen!

Three Steps to a Successful Dating Profile

  1. Find a great tag line: It’s the first thing people read and it should be catchy in order to attract attention. Keep it short and sweet and say something about your personality. You can use a favorite quote or a simple observation about yourself or the world. Just try to avoid using clichés, such as “Looking for Mr. or Ms. Right” or “Hoping to find the perfect match”.
  2. Write about who you are and who you want to meet: You can start out with a blurb about you including all the things you like doing or are passionate about. Then pick your 3-5 favorites and write a few paragraphs focusing on these. Be positive and be yourself. Also include a paragraph about the person you’re looking for. Again, the more specific you are, the higher your chances of success.
  3. Post a great profile picture: Your profile picture should be recent, flattering and capture your personality. Use a picture of just yourself and don’t cut. Great tip: letting your eyes connect with the viewer is very appealing and will attract additional attention.

Being honest is, at all times, very important. You should always try to be positive when writing about yourself but don’t create expectations that you won’t be able to meet. It’ll all come out in the wash eventually when you leave the online world and meet your date in real life.

As a rule: keep certain information to yourself (at least at first) such as financial details, your phone number and address.

Have fun pimping your dating profile!

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