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Where older women seek younger love partners!

Link: www.playcougar.com

Rating: 3

PlayCougar.com review 2018:

PlayCougar.com began in 2010 and is relatively new. Its focus is on younger men seeking older women, or vice versa. Another focus of PlayCougar.com is casual dating, namely: one-night stands and sex buddy-type arrangements. As a result, those seeking a more solid relationship may prefer to look to sites such as CougarLife. There also appear to be far few on PlayCougar, far less than 50,000 members.

Sign Up: PlayCougar.com Experience

PlayCougar offers a casual dating experience, obviously, and is therefore focused on younger men looking for older women and vice versa. While the site is easy to navigate and the sign up process is relatively simple, the number of members might strike some people as suspicious. There seem to be a lot of profiles that are just too good to be true. If you decide to sign up to this site, it is a good idea to be careful.

PlayCougar unfortunately seems to have a lot more male members than female members. If you are a cougar then this is a good thing. However, male members will find that there appear to be slim pickings. When signing onto the site, you are only able to search within the country that you are located. This makes a kind of sense, but it can be frustrating if you are abroad and wish to contact someone from home before you get back.

Features at PlayCougar

PlayCougar’s communication features are quite interactive. Not only are you able to send internal emails to other members, but you can also make use of an instant messaging system as well as the use of video and webcam. This means you can express yourself and flirt a lot more openly with your matches than simply through words. Communication with members en masse is also possible with message boards.

Advanced search options will allow you to seek out exactly the kind of person you are looking for. There are also matchmaking tools on PlayCougar, so this will help you when trying to find someone who shares the same or similar preferences as yourself.

PlayCougar automatic message example
The PlayCougar Automatic Message Feature

Upgrades at PlayCougar.com

Very basic accounts are free for men if they wish to join. Women can message men for free. You can also view profiles and search for members using a free account. If you wish to take full advantage, however, you will need to take a look at the payment plans offered by PlayCougar and see which one suits your needs best.

PlayCougar.com - Costs:

  • Sign up and search profiles for free.
  • Prices for PlayCougar membership begin at US$19.99/month.