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Is there any useful eHarmony review?


eHarmony.com.au review

Beat the odds, Bet on Love with eHarmony

Link: www.eharmony.com.au

Our answer:

Which dating site best suits my needs? This is the question of thousands of singles each year. We want to try and help you by providing you with the feedback of our dating site users. At this point we’ll summarise the eHarmony reviews that we’ve received lately. What are the pros and cons of this dating site?

eHarmony review: Pros!

Most of the emails we receive are positive e Harmony reviews. They particularly like the fact that you’re regularly provided with compatible members and that there’s no searching required. Although the questionnaire you have to fill out when creating your eHarmony profile is rather long, it gives most of our users the impression of being very profound and helping them to find their right match. eHarmony prides itself of basing its compatibility test on years of scientific experience and research. And if any difficulties with the completion of the questionnaire or the handling of the site arise, eHarmony provides free telephone support and several comprehensive advice blogs. So, you shoulnd’t get lost at eHarmony!

eHarmony review: Cons!

However, we’ve also received some negative reviews from disappointed users. While some users enjoy receiving compatible matches automatically, others miss the possibility of browsing through the eHarmony membership base themselves and feel they might miss their match this way. Another complaint concerns the fact that as free eHarmony member you can be contacted by interested singles but can’t write them back. Some of the eHarmony reviews we’ve received mention that many of their contact attempts remain unanswered and trace this to the fact that non-paying members just can’t reply. This understandably is a bit frustrating, but it's the way this industry works!

Our conclusion of our users’ eHarmony reviews

If you’re not just looking for a quick date or a one-night-stand but rather for your perfect match, it’s really worth taking the time and filling out the eHarmony questionnaire. And if, in addition to that, you enjoy being suggested compatible matches, eHarmony could be the right choice for you. You might have to show a little patience until you’ll find THE one but Rome wasn’t built in a day either.

If, on the other hand, you’re a person that likes to take control and look for possible matches on your own, you should rather choose another dating site (not a matchmaking site). But all in all eHarmony seems to convince most users - if not the site probably wouldn’t count over 30 million members worldwide! ;)


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"eHarmony.com.au" and our test result
That's what we think about eHarmony.com.au ("Beat the odds, Bet on Love with eHarmony"):
eHarmony.co.au is a subsidiary of the eHarmony INC site which is one of the most successful match making sites in the USA.
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