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eHarmony or Match?


eHarmony.com.au review

Beat the odds, Bet on Love with eHarmony

Link: www.eharmony.com.au

Our answer:

Many people think that eHarmony and match.com are basically the same. But they are not. First of all, while match.com is a pure dating site, eHarmony rather works like an online dating agency. The main difference between dating sites and dating agencies is that the former provides you - at best a big - user database through which you can browse. The latter does the hard work for you and provides you with compatible matches.

eHarmony vs. match.com: Who’s there?

match.com is clearly appealing to a wider audience; it’s more open to different types of dating, also takes into account homosexuals and provides more members and features that facilitate the whole dating experience. Generally, match.com members are younger looking for dating, flirts, fun and sex, while eHarmony singles are rather inclined towards marriage and longterm relationships.

eHarmony or match.com: Getting started

In your match.com profile you’re basically allowed to write about yourself whatever you want and contact whoever you’re interested in. Its search options allow you to look for all kinds of criteria such as age, location, looks, likes and dislikes, etc. Creating a profile at eHarmony, on the other hand, makes you fill out a rather lengthy questionnaire. This will certainly take about 45-60 minutes, BUT you’ll be rewarded because as of now eHarmony will do the “dirty” work for you and simply provide you with compatible matches. The only thing you have to do is look through eHarmony’s partner suggestions and decide which matches seem most interesting to you. This will save you a great amount of time and energy!

eHarmony or Match.com: Communication

eHarmony’s guided communication is a real ice-breaker for many people. Before getting involved in real communication, you find out first basics about your match by sending pre-written questions and sharing lists of Must-Haves and Can’t-Stands. This helps getting communication started and clarify basic likes and dislikes beforehand. All steps of this guided communication are voluntary and you can drop out at any time. If you prefer to dive right into real communication, you can simply skip this step.

match.com, on the other hand, provides you with the possibility to wink at one another before starting to communicate - but that’s about it. Since you can’t see who’s a paying member and who isn’t (and only paying members can communicate), winking at others mostly remains unanswered. So, if you go with match.com, we suggest you to not waste time winking and waiting but to start communicating right away.

eHarmony vs. Match.com: Prices

eHarmony has slightly higher prices than match.com but prices of both sites drop significantly as you sign up for longer periods. And if you sign up for a 6-months period at match.com, it even comes with a guarantee; if you haven’t found anyone after this period, you’re provided with another 6 months for free.


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"eHarmony.com.au" and our test result
That's what we think about eHarmony.com.au ("Beat the odds, Bet on Love with eHarmony"):
eHarmony.co.au is a subsidiary of the eHarmony INC site which is one of the most successful match making sites in the USA.
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