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Link: www.hornymatches.com

Rating: 3

Hornymatches.com review 2018:

HornyMatches is one of several adult dating sites that we have reviewed and tested. Aimed at both singles and married couples (regardless of sexual orientation), it began in 2004 and is still going strong. What is also great about this sex dating site is that it is available internationally. Worldwide, there are roughly 7,000,000 users on HornyMatches.com. Around 400,000 members are in Australia.

Design-wise, HornyMatches looks a little dated and isn't the prettiest. But the main reason singles and couples alike visit isn't to admire the design...

...it's because the users here simply want sex!

Features on Hornymatches Australia

The features on HornyMatches are all geared to towards matching users with their perfect sex partner(s). This is why there is a Cupid Matches section, where you can make note of other users' preferences. A simple algorithm will then match you up. Internaction can be done through sending a virtual wink, and of course a photo is practically mandatory (well, not really, but you will get more views if you have one!).

Other functions that HornyMatches offers users are a pesonality test, adding other users to a hotlist and watching XXX videos and live sex shows. So yes, there is quite a lot going on when you search HornyMatches Australia.

Gender Ratio on HornyMatches.com

It is pretty normal that a sex contact site like HornyMatches will have a much higher number of men than women. While this may seem disastrous at first, it is important to remember that there are few men willing to pay for the upgrades. This often means that the few who do end up having their pick of women.

WARNING: If you do not wish to continue your subscription, make sure to cancel it yourself. Automatic renewal takes place if you do not.

Hornymatches.com - Costs:

  • Create profile, browse, wink... for free.
  • Premium membership starts at US$29.95/month.

Review Summary

Shortfacts about Hornymatches.com

Sex personals and beyond

Test result:

Hornymatches.com was last tested October 2023 with3

Statement from Henning Wiechers

Henning Wiechers
If you are willing to pay, you can begin finding your erotic partner at Hornymatches.com virtually without competition.