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Link: www.seekingarrangement.com

Rating: 3

SeekingArrangement.com review 2018:

Originally founded by in 2006 by MIT graduate Bandon Wade, the sugar daddy dating site known as SeekingArrangement offers singles just that: an amicable arrangement. Whether you want to be the sugar daddy or sugar momma, or the beneficiary of such a generous contract, you need look no further. In total with around 3,600,000 members there is a lot to choose from on both sides.

Login to SeekingArrangement.com

When you login for the first time, SeekingArrangement will ask you whether you are a sugar daddy/mommy or a sugar baby (which can be either gender, though the overwhelming majority are female). If you select sugar baby, then you need to specify which gender you’re looking for. Afterwards, you’re free to post up your profile detailing who you are and what you’re looking for.

SeekingArrangement Experience and Features

Those on SeekingArrangement are looking for one of two things, and the experience generally depends on supply and demand. If you are a sugar baby, bear in mind that there is a lot of competition so results may not happen as quickly as you’d imagine. Sugar babies are generally on the hunt for wealthier, older counterparts who can support them partially or in full. At the same time, sugar daddies and mommies are seeking someone out for companionship and in most cases, sex as well (though this is a specific agreement made between two individuals).

Open honesty about what you want is the key here, and being honest will save you a hell of a lot of time. In the profiles, sugar babies are able to specify the amount of money they expect per month. Normally, anywhere between US$1000 to US$20,000 can be expected. There is no obligation to disclose a specific amount on your profile, however.

Seeking Arrangement in Australia: What’s in Store for You?

Although Seeking Arrangement began in the States, it has really taken off in Australia. There are a considerable number of sugar babies out there looking for extra money, and a significant number of sugar daddies willing to share the wealth. That being said, sugar babies in particular should see what the most “profitable” areas are. In a country like Australia, the cities tend to be one’s best bet.

For the most part, Perth seems to be one of the more popular cities in Australia for sugar daddies and babies to get along on Seeking Arrangement. However, places like Melbourne and Sydney are also very much in demand.

Trial Period and Profile Verification

A particularly handy feature SeekingArrangement.com offers for sugar daddies and mommas is the trial period. You’ll be able to send a certain number of messages for a limited amount of time to test out the site. What’s further useful is that you can also do a background check, a sort of “profile verification” which can attract more attention to your profile. Sugar Daddies and Mommies going for a year-long Diamond Tier membership will be required to undergo this check.

Upgrade Your Membership

SeekingArrangement’s pricing system depends on whether you have signed up as a Sugar Daddy or a Sugar Baby. Sugar Babies can join for free, although there is the option of upgrading in order to benefit from further features. Sugar Babies who register with their university email accounts will be able to benefit from a premium account straight away. Sugar Daddies/Mommies must pay, however.

SeekingArrangement.com - Costs:

  • A standard membership is free.
  • To become a verified member, you have to pay a one-time cost of US$50.
  • To become a premium member, costs start at US$39.99/month.