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Speed Dating Australia

Link: www.SpeedDatingAustralia.com

Rating: 4

SpeedDatingAustralia.com review 2018:

Speed dating has been around for a long time, and with SpeedDatingAustralia.com singles have another outlet with which to meet new people and start dating. Having been running speed dating events since 2005, you can be assured that you are in the hands of experts. What is also interesting is…

…they offer speed dating events in various cities across the country.

So there is a high chance that an event is being organised near you!

At each event, you are likely to meet 15-18 singles in one evening. This is a very high number and of course will help your chances when looking for a date.

The Event

With just a few steps you will be able to get out there and start meeting up with new singles at SpeedDatingAustralia. All you have to do is…

  • Either register or book directly, both of which you can do on the website. Booking directly will allow you to sign up for an event immediately. If you register, you will receive information regarding their various events and you can choose from then on.
  • Events usually start aeround 7.30 PM. Make sure to be on time. When you arrive, two hosts will give you a nametag. Men and women will then be separated for a briefing session.
  • After the briefing, the first speed date begins. You will have a card upon which to write Yes or No, as well as your notes. Each speed date lasts for six minutes, and you are given 30 seconds to write your notes.
  • Throughout the evening, there will be two breaks. The speed dating is usually done by 10.15 PM.

A match occurs when two singles say ‘Yes’ to one another. You will be notified of this within 24 hours, via email. This is pretty much where the matchmaking and speed dating ends. The rest, as they say, is completely up to you!

Other Services at SpeedDatingAustralia.com

Most of the services on the site focus around giving people the opportunity to come to their speed dating events which are hosted all over the country. If you are nervous about your first speed dating event, however, you will find that there are a few tips that may be able to help you. Don’t forget: before each event, there will be a briefing that will help you feel more at ease.

SpeedDatingAustralia.com - Costs:

  • Free to register and receive event information
  • Speed dating events usually cost around $43.00/a head.
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