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In addition to our test winners, we found other worth sharing matchmaking websites, playing an important role in Australia and offering real chances for successful flirting.

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Further Matchmaking Sites in Australia

Other good matchmaking websites to find your soulmate!


Go out. Have Fun.

Link: www.matchmaker.com

Rating: 3

It is claimed that Matchmaker.com is one of the Internet's oldest online dating sites - they have been around at least since 1996. There are around 500 + singles who login to the site every day. The target audience is generally 35 + years old, however therea are younger people. Most people who use this provider are looking for long-term relationships or even marriage.

One good thing about Matchmaker is that you don't have to spend an eternity answering questions. You can answer as many or as few as you'd like - though obviously the more you answer, the more you will reveal about yourself.

  • You can create a profile, search and receive matches by email for free.
  • The full membership starts from US$29.95/month.

Short review Matchmaker.com


Find love online

Link: www.matchfinder.com.au

Rating: 3

Matchfinder is an online matchmaking site that is free to register, free to flirt, free to reply and the best of all, 100% Australian. Creating a profile takes less than two minutes and you don't have to fill out pages and pages of questions like many of the other dating sites. Their site is modern and its users can use features such as sending messages and chatting.

There are, however, only a few hundred members on Matchfinder unfortunately.

  • Signing up and replying to messages is completely free.
  • Premium membership starts from $75/12 months.

Short review Matchfinder.com.au


True love can be found

Link: www.megahearts.com.au

Rating: 3

Megahearts.com.au calles itself "an Australian dating website with a difference". What do they mean? Well, for starters, no stamps or credits are required like many other sites. You can contact members for free. Also, they don't allow any overseas members, only Australian residents with a valid mobile number. Additionally, they match you with someone with a similar psychological level. This is done by having all of their members complete a special questionnaire which is scientifically designed to lower the nubmer of inappropriate and sometimes unsafe people who access dating sites, and increase the number of suitable dating parters for their members. Joining MegaHearts is free! Additonally, you can download their iPhone app to stay in touch with members on the go.

You can sign up for free.
Short review Megahearts.com.au
Matchmaking Sites in Australia

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Australian Matchmaking Sites for 2023: Just How Many Are There?

It may seem to Australian singles that there is a wide number of matchmaking sites available for them. This is indeed true! However, closer attention must be paid. A lot of the smaller sites tend to be run by big dating companies and are often divided into niches, aimed at specific types of single. Among these are a few homegrown Australian matchmaking sites.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Homegrown Australian Matchmaking Sites?

There are naturally pros and cons with Australian matchmaking sites. By taking a look at them, you can determine whether or not they’re worth signing up to. Below we have a couple of advantages and disadvantages that can help you make your decision:

  • Pro: Homegrown dating sites only focus on Australia, therefore giving singles more options to find people who are nearby.
  • Con: Unfortunately, the membership numbers on these matchmaking sites tend to be rather small (except for major players). For singles living in remote or rural areas, the lack of potential dates is going to be rather obvious.
  • Pro: Being solely focused on Australia, these sites often do not permit people to create accounts from abroad. This means that you’ll have a very low chance of running into overseas scammers, which can be an issue with some other online dating sites.
  • Con: The matching algorithms on smaller Australian sites tend to be a lot less sophisticated than their bigger, more successful counterparts.

A lot of the major players tend to be more well-equipped, both when it comes to dealing with scammers and matching algorithms. Our advice would be to focus on using one of the big name brands. Of course, being aware of scammers is still a good idea. When you can spot the signs, you’ll be well-equipped to deal with them. Take a look here at our online dating tips to help keep yourself safe online!

We wish you the best of luck with your online dating experience in 2023!

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