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Matchmaking sites reviews

The principle of matchmaking websites is simple and target oriented:

  1. You describe yourself and the partner of your dreams using an online questionnaire. This data is added to an internal database - your identity remains private.
  2. Elaborate computer programmes identify potential partners for you.
  3. You can get in touch with any of the singles suggested - or you will be contacted by others.

Reliable matchmaking services with high numbers of members aren’t ten a penny. We have put the best matchmaking sites to the acid test for you.

Tips & Tricks for Matchmaking Sites

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Background Information

Which one suits me best?

Watch out!
Find out more about fake profiles:

The Best Matchmaking Sites in Australia


EliteSingles: Dating for sophisticated singlesLink: www.elitesingles.com.au

EliteSingles.com.au is an online dating agency better known as eDarling outside Australia. Today, EliteSingles can boast well over 30 million users registered. And with around 18,000 new members who login every week, there is bound to be no shortage of singles here.

The main aim of EliteSingles is to find a partner and to build a deep connection with that person. Although not focused entirely on academics, they do proudly announce that 71% of their members are university graduates. This, in general, means a much more educated single is available here as well as those who have an academic background.

One of the central mechanisms that keeps this online dating agency running is the EliteSingles personality test. This examines 29 of your unique personality traits and based on that, you are given partner suggestions who fit it.

This can be an interesting way to not only find other singles, but also to take a look at yourself. One of the best things about EliteSingles as well is that the test is completely free. All you need to do is register and if you like your partner suggestions, consider joining up!

Number of registered members:
1,600,000 Australian members
  • 18,000 members joining weekly
  • Over 30 million worldwide
Gender ratio (m/f):
56 : 44
Steps to success:
  1. New users take a personality test first.
  2. Singles then directly access their test results and a list of potential partners.
  3. Use of varied interactive features.
Quantity of proposed partners:
  • You will receive around 9-10 partner suggestions per day. While it may not seem like a lot, it can enhance the level of communication between partners.
Matching procedure:
Contact guarantee:
Quality of profiles:
Handling and design:
Free services:
  • Registration and fill out the questionnaire
  • Online test evaluation with your personal profile
  • Receive contact proposals
  • See profiles of received proposals
Premium services:

For unlimited messaging, seeing who visited your profile and viewing photos you can subscribe to a premium account:

  • 12 months = $22.95/month
  • 6 months = $39.95/month
  • 3 months = $49.95/month
  • 1 month = $74.95


Find educated matchesLink: www.academicsingles.com.au

AcademicSingles.com.au is a matchmaking site for the academically-minded. The majority of singles on AcademicSingles are university graduates, though there are many who hold a range of different degrees and certificates. Membership numbers are in the region of 920,000 singles and profiles. All users take the Academic Singles Personality Test which tests 28 variables that focus on what influences successful relationships, giving the algorithm a slightly different spin in comparison to other dating and matchmaking sites.

As well as their personality test, AcademicSingles also offers an app as well as the capability to search internationally as well as in Australia. This means that you can login to your AcademicSingles account from almost anywhere and continue your search for love wherever you are.

Number of registered members:
920,000 Australian members
Gender ratio (m/f):

53 : 47

Steps to success:
  1. Simply create your account with your details.
  2. Take the Academic Singles Personality Test immediately.
  3. After around 15 minutes you’ll be done and ready to receive your matches/partner suggestions.
Quantity of proposed partners:
  • The number of matches that you receive depends on a number of factors such as how many people fit to your personality, how wide your "search" radius is and a number of other variables.
Matching procedure:
Contact guarantee:
Quality of profiles:
Handling and design:
Free services:
  • Personal Profile        
  • Personality Test        
  • Upload picture
Premium services:

For unlimited messaging:

  • 12 months = $24.90/month
  • 6 months = $39.90/month
  • 3 months = $54.90/month


Beat the odds, Bet on Love with eHarmonyLink: www.eharmony.com.au

A well-known name in the US for years, eHarmony is responsible for nearly 5% of new marriages and has 1.5 million Australian users. EHarmony.com is now acting as an alternative online dating site in Australia for those who are on the lookout for a long-term relationship or partnership. This is beyond personals: this is the full thing when it comes to matchmaking sites. EHarmony aims to pair up those who just fit together. Therefore…

…a particularly notable aspect of eHarmony is its Compatibility Matching System. This is based on a set of rigorous scientific principles with regards to relationships. The models of compatibility used have been adapted to suit the Australian population.

The biggest obstacle that many people find with eHarmony is the long and detailed questionnaire that you must fill out. The benefits, however, can be tremendous and provide you with useful insight. Searching for profiles is also not done here, rather you are sent matches based on your Compatibility results. As they say: "EHarmony: a relationship site, not a dating site".

Number of registered members:
1,500,000 million registered users in Australia.
  • Over 33 million members worldwide.
Gender ratio (m/f):
48 : 52
Steps to success:
  1. Complete a relationship questionnaire to receive your free personality profile.
  2. Partner matches and suggestions.
  3. Choose a payment plan to communicate.
  4. Start dating!
Quantity of proposed partners:
  • The number of matches (which is usually a lot) you get depends on where you live.
  • Even with the free option, you can see a lot of information about your matches for free.
Matching procedure:
Contact guarantee:
Quality of profiles:
Handling and design:
Free services:
  • Review profiles.
  • Send Icebreakers.
  • Free Mobile App download.
  • Get your personality profile.
  • It is now free to communicate.
Premium services:

With the Basic Plan, you can enjoy unlimited communication.

  • 24 months = $13.95/month
  • 12 months = $19.95/month
  • 6 months = $44.95/month
  • 3 months = $50.95/month
  • 1 months = $64.95

Matchmaking Sites Watch List

Apart from the above mentioned matchmaker sites, we have come across further competent services during our research that we are keeping under our observation.

Maybe you will find your perfect matchmaking site here:

What is an Online Matchmaking Site?

People looking for a lasting relationship generally can’t go wrong choosing a matchmaking agency. It is the most commonly used and the most promising way to find a partner to form a serious relationship. Chances are, you have friends or family who met their significant other via eHarmony or EliteSingles.

Online matchmakers are evolutions of the classic matchmakers that used to be found in newspaper advertisements. But today their database is much larger (market leaders count 100.000 active singles every week) and the prices are affordable.

The core of these online matchmakers are so called matching algorithms. These are computer programs developed by scientists and will suggest partners for you. If you eventually wish to contact someone you will be provided with a safe environment to do so.

What are the merits of using an online matchmaker?

6 reasons why looking for a partner via a matchmaking site is so successful:

1. The largest benefit is the large number of singles willing to engage in a long-term relationship, in contrast to most matchmaking sites or even offline at the 30+ party in town.

2. Online dating platforms have millions of members, whom often are looking for flirts or some fun, but not commitment. Matchmaking sites are much more serious and will help you on your path of finding a new long-term relationship.

3. One more problem with large dating services is the amount of competition you will have to face. Without a great picture and an outstanding “about me” section, online dating may turn out to be more of a struggle, not so much an enjoyment – which it shouldn’t be! With online matchmakers, having more members directly correlates with more precise matching results, since there are more variables for the algorithms to pick from. No competition, because everyone only sees their own proposals.

4. You will remain completely anonymous and may even decide at what point you wish to reveal your photo to your chat partner.

5. Save time. You will only have to look at the hand full of proposals you are presented. You don’t have to sift through an entire database yourself.

6. The self-improving computational algorithms are responsible for more and more successful matches by the agencies. Due to sociopsychological analytics you are often presented with suggestions that don’t quite match your general dating habits but may be spot on exactly for that reason.

To sum things up, with a matchmaking site you may act anonymously and save a lot of time before you start dating people that may potentially be with you for the rest of your life.

Whoever is looking for a Partner for life and is able to afford a premium membership at eHarmony and the likes, will have the best chances of finding a partner signing up with a renowned matchmaker.

What are the downsides?

The safe environment of the online agencies does not revolve about profile pictures. If you enjoy browsing profile pictures and chatting for hours over, an online matchmaker is not for you.

Also, your matchmaker cannot simply calculate the perfect partner for you. That would be scary! You will receive an assortment of potential whose life goals, character and background converge with yours. The computer cannot calculate chemistry, love or attraction. That is your job to figure out.

And that’s where things get exciting and romantic!

Whom are matchmaking sites best suited for?

Whether or not you should try out a matchmaking site you may find out by the checklist below:

1) Am I serious about finding a partner?

  • Dating agencies are used by singles that are looking for commitment.
  • Quick and superficial flirts are for online dating sites and dating apps.

2) Am I too old or too young?

  • Singles just above 30 (or 25 for that matter) are definitely the predominant age group.
  • Older than 70? The database fades to mere emptiness.

3) Am I suited for this type of dating?

  • There are more sophisticated singles and academics

Was “Yes” your answer to all of these questions? View our test winners!

Which matchmaking site is the best one in 2018?

Like with everything, there are multiple smaller providers when a new trend gains traction. Now, after 10 years, our three test winners have prevailed.

Over 75% of all those in search of “the one” populate those websites, so the matching will be very precise. Which matchmaker is “the best” is hard to tell. It would be better to ask:

which one works best for ME?

And only you can answer that question! Though our tests might be of value when it comes to which ones you would like to give a try.

You should definitely try out two agencies free trials, before deciding on a premium membership: which one feels better? Which suggestions have you preferred? Where did you receive more messages?

How safe are online matchmakers?

The ones that we have tested and approved of, show exemplary efforts to keep their users safe:

  • All data transfers are SSL encoded
  • Certified runtimes and exceptional data protection
  • The servers are located in Australia
  • Employees review newly registered accounts to prevent fake profiles

Many dating sites have been hacked and compromised a lot of personal information – yet none of the premium agencies at the top of our list.

Your anonymity remains untouched. With our test winners, others will only see your alias and you have 100% control over who may see your profile picture.

Matchmaking sites: pricing

Compared to most flirt sites and dating apps the pricing for online dating agencies is much higher: a couple hundred Dollars for half a year.

Which is why most agencies increase your chances of finding a relationship drastically. Why? Read the next section!

The current prices for premium memberships of the market leaders as well as specials and vouchers for the top matchmaking agencies can be found here:

  • How much does Eharmony cost?
  • How expensive is EliteSingles?
  • What does Academic Singles cost per month?

Why are matchmaking sites comparatively more expensive?

On a side note, is finding the love of your life with more than 30% probability not worth more than a couple hundred Dollars?

With a premium-membership you generally support the reputation of your platform since 75% of the membership revenue immediately flows back into marketing!

This guarantees that thousands of new singles register for the database which is bread and butter for a functioning online matchmaker!

The elevated price segment is also what guarantees success and has led to more than one million singles finding their significant other: a recent study of datingsitesaustralia.com found that:

The higher the price of a dating platform is, the higher the interest of the paying customer to find a new relationship!

And this is how it works:

  • Trolls, testers and creeps of all sorts find cheap/free flirt websites more appealing.
  • Whoever is willing to pay, is serious about finding a partner and will reply to mails. Also, they will not stand up blind dates.

All in all there is a really enjoyable and respectful social construct on these website that makes spending time there a pleasure, which is the backbone of a renowned and successful matchmaker.

The study also shows that when singles are looking for a life partner, a matchmaking site is the right place to search at.

“people that make random dates via flirt apps, will notice on the first date, that they are not meant for each other, while the socio and psychologically computed matches of dating agencies result in much more promising dates.”

Of course, there are plenty of matchmakers that are no good but expensive none the less. Few members, many fakes and nontransparent pricing…. Which is why we sorted those out for you.

Do decent free matchmaking agencies exist?

NO, there aren’t any.

With a free dating offer you are always at a disadvantage, because it attracts clients that are not serious about finding a lasting relationship. At the latest when she receives thoughtless message #286, she will leave the site to never return.

We do however expect that new members are able to experience a website extensively through a trial membership of any decent online matchmaker, before they have to sign up and pay for the premium features.

Experiences with matchmaking agencies online

Our dating experts had varying experiences when testing different agencies online. Many were positive, but there also were some negative ones. Oftentimes users of these agencies will send us VERY detailed reviews of their experiences with the different websites, which we study thoroughly and work into our own evaluation of each website. We have included reviews of the three best agencies that reflect the opinions of the users and our own:

  • Experiences with eHarmony
  • Experiences with EliteSingles
  • Academic Singles – Experiences and opinions

You would like to learn more about a certain matchmaker? In our FAQ on matchmaking sites our experts share their extensive knowledge about different websites.

Particular matchmaker needed?

1. International matchmaking agencies

More and more often Australia’s men and women are looking for love in different countries and ask us for a fitting international matchmaking sites.

An overview can be found in our guide “International Dating Agencies

With many dating websites you are able to search for people from particular areas such as eastern Europe and Asia for example, that already live in the UK and are looking for a partner. Which is much easier logistically that experimenting around abroad…

2. Agencies for seniors

These play by the same rules as the international matchmakers: have a look at the three largest online agencies. Usually there are more 50+ members than even many dedicated websites may account for!

If you haven’t found anything so far you may have a look at over 100 matchmaking topics, whether it is religious, esoteric or disabled singles.

How did online matchmakers develop?

The serious way of matching WITHOUT PICTURES(!) between 2001 up to approximately 2005 lead to most singles getting bored quite fast: looking at pictures and browsing what’s available at the online market is just not how online agencies work. The trick is to only present a handful, yet very promising candidates.

From 2006 to 2010 many partner agencies caught up by a lot and thrilled their clients with more interaction and curiosity features. Photos are no longer taboo. 2011 to 2023 the main focus with the top agencies was on developing even better algorithms to preset even more refined pools of potential partners to their clients, to enhance the support and also to connect the websites to mobile app.

Henning Wiechers
has been observing the Australian Online Dating market since 2010. He is among the top opinion leaders in the industry.

Any questions or suggestions?
Contact him!